Main websiteJasminerakka.au80/443StandbyCurrently rebuilding, so a temp page is in its place.
DiasporaJasminenew.botegirl.parts80/443WorkingIt didn't even update, something else fixed it.
PeertubeJasminemoving.botegirl.parts80/443DownRegularly fucks its permissions so you can't actually view videos. I have set a fucking cronjob to fix this, it runs at 12:00 AEST daily. Hopefully it isn't resetting them more often than that. Need to do config file for it again zzzz
NextcloudJasminenextcloud.rakka.tk80/443DownProbably needs to be reinstalled. I'll dump DB later and do that, start from scratch.
LemmyJasminespare.botegirl.parts80/443WorkingFixed it by dumping whole DB and recreating it. May actually encounter an error now since it thinks it's done a migration it hasn't, but I don't care that much right now. The thing runs.
PleromaJasminesacred.harpy.faith80/443WorkingInstance is usually dying, and it's basically always matrix's fault. Fuck matrix.
NtfyJasminecarryon.rakka.au80/443Working tends to break on system startup, there's a hack to fix it. Registration not yet open.
SyncplayJasmine*8999WorkingRandomly binds ipv4 only, actually does bind both normally. Investigating.
DNSJasmine*53Working?Currently private
FTPJasmine*21DownApparently forgot to autorun it, and it's throwing some weird bind error. Later.
ZerotierJasmine1586369dcd9993WorkingApproximately private.
MatrixJasmineconduit.harpy.faith80/443WorkingFormerly used as display name.
SauerbratenJasmine*28785WorkingAppears in server list
Minecraft---DownStarted bitching about 1.19 needing java 17. Good time to nuke it forever. minetest will come up later.
Urban TerrorJasmine*27960/27961WorkingAppears in server list, whenever server list actually wants to work.
UnvanquishedJasmine*27960/27961WorkingShould appear in server list. Fights with UrT for ports, usually wins. I can't see a way to fix it currently.
Left 4 Dead 2Jasmine*27015Working?Not properly tested
If you desperately need one of these up, or would just like me to put up something new, feel free to contact me.